Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Coming Soon!

In addition to what I've got on my day to day plate, I've also been helping plan a few events.
The first is our monthly Alamo City Handmade meeting on Sunday, June 6th. We've decided to make this one a little different and more of a pot luck/craft swap social, and as always, the meetings are open to anyone who loves all things handmade!

The second event is coming up pretty quickly too. Its Etsy's Craft Party night on Friday, June 18th. For this I'm planning lots of simple crafts that cover various mediums. The cool thing about this one is that for the top 50 largest parties, Etsy will be sending special craft kits, and believe me, I am trying my hardest to make sure that we get into that top 50!

Make sure you RSVP to this event to make sure we stay within the top 50, HERE. Even if you are a "maybe," go ahead and RSVP so that we can get an idea on how many to accommodate for.

Both the San Antonio Etsy Craft Party and monthly team meeting will be held at Sew Deluxe.

And lastly is the Alamo City Handmade Team's, Dia De Los Craftos. Last year's event had a few unexpected hick-ups, however we are starting the planning on this much earlier and I 'm sure that it will go a lot smoother. Look for the event to be held on Saturday, October 30th. The location for this event is still up in the air, but we do hope to solidify a location by mid month.