Saturday, January 29, 2011


So this has nothing to do with being creative, but last night around 2am, my husband and I saw several greenish/blue flashes across the sky. This is the 3rd time I've seen something like this in the past 5 years or so and it's always in the same area: the north-central area of San Antonio. SA is a very sprawled out city and pretty well lit, so It's pretty strange to see that kinda of light able to penetrate in the city sky.

I've thought about all the possible explanations; lightning, explosions, etc. but none seem to make sense considering it was a clear night with no clouds, there was no sound ( I know because my windows were down in my car) and from where I was on the highway, the light came from the ground, not actually the sky. The flash was just so bright that it illuminated the sky. A close friend of mine also saw the flash from about 5 miles away. We've been texting all afternoon about what it may have been or to see if anyone else other than him, my husband or myself saw it last night.

What's weird is that I have seen this before, and in the same area of town (which is fairly residential). A few years back, at around the same time of night, I was heading home and saw the flash from the horizon while I as on the highway. I'm sure once an explanation is given, it will all make sense, but till then the incident is going to continue to weird me out.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

New Changes...

New changes are coming to B.Link's website, Many more items will be added and a new PayPal feature will be added as well making it easier to purchase online! Still, to see the very latest, stop by the shop to see what I'm working on.

As always, custom orders are always welcome!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Etsy Birthday

Today marks my 2 year birthday on Etsy. As a way to celebrate, I'm offering free shipping on all items for the remainder of the month! Visit to check out everything I've got available.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Israeli Artists

I do seem to really dig the aesthetic that comes from Israeli artists. Here are my top 3 favorites...

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


I had a pretty awesome birthday yesterday. I spent the day with my mom, went to Ikea and got some fixtures for the shop, and did lots more shopping. When I got home, my husband surprised me with a brand new Singer Serger! I was SUPER excited! I've never had one before, so I can't wait to start working on it tonight. I've got lots of projects already floating in my head of what I'll soon be able to make.

The day just continued to get better. My husband and I met up with about 15 other friends and had a great time at a wine bar. Best birthday I've had in years :)

Monday, January 10, 2011

Yarn Bombing Coming to The Blanton

Things about me... I graduated from UT Austin, I love art, and I love to knit. This past weekend I attended an informational meeting on how to combine all of those aspects of me.

Three days ago I found out from my friends at Yarn Harvest about a call for knitters to participate in an installation at the Blanton Museum of Art headed by textile artist Magda Sayeg. For two weeks in the month of March, about 100 trees on the UT campus will be YARN BOMBED! I can't wait! It's going to look sooooooo cool! About 170 knitters showed up for the meeting and like I mentioned, they only have 100 trees, so I was pretty worried that I wouldn't be able to sponsor a tree... especially since I drove all the way from San Antonio to find out more info. Luckily, I ended up being assigned tree #23. Here's a look at me and my tree:

The assignment of the bombing is to incorporate 4 specific yarn colors in horizontal stripes and cover the entire trunk of the tree from ground to branches. My tree measured at about 7ft high and 20in in circumference. The pattern and style of stripes is totally up to us. Many of the other knitters that showed up to the event either paired up or decided to tackle this in groups. I think I was the only non-Austinite that showed up, so this means that I'll be tackling this project on my own! Here's a shot of about half of the trees to be knit.

The project is due mid-February so I've got lots of work ahead of me... I'm so excited!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Bargain Bin

I've decided that I'm going to crate a new category in my Etsy store... a Bargain Bin. Over the past 10 years I've acquired many many beads and notions. So many in fact that I don't really know what to do with them, so I figured I'll create simple and cute jewelry items (mostly earrings) starting at just $5 and not exceeding $10. Stay tuned! I hope to have this category full of listings by the end of this week.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Happy New Year!

I'm pretty glad that January is finally here... December was a bit overwhelming. My online sales at BLinkDesign just blew up! Which is a good problem to have, I was just taken a bit of guard. For about 3 weeks straight, I was at the post office about every other day and shipped anywhere from 6-10 packages on each visit. I am pleased to say that all orders purchased before 12/20 were in fact delivered before Christmas.

Last year, while I was preoccupied with my wedding, I did see a spike in online sales (it was my first holiday season online) and I was super excited back then to be getting a single sale every day. So like I said, I was just taken off guard when I started getting 10 sales a day!

Well, the new year is here, and I'm starting to work on new designs in both silver and in knits. My supplies have been somewhat restocked, however the shop is looking a bit bare, so I'm going to have to get working pretty quick... especially since today is the first First Friday of the year down here in Southtown.

Sales so far in this first week are looking good too! While I can take a bit of a breather now that the holidays are over, it doesn't quite look like my work is done.