Wednesday, June 29, 2011


I've been meaning to make some for a while now, and finally, this past Friday I made my first apron. In the past 5 days, I've made a total of 4 aprons so far, and I've got a 5th about halfway done. I love making these! They're really cute, and there's so many ways to construct them. Here's a look at what I've been working on.

This one is for sale on my website HERE.

Here is what the reverse side looks like.

Below are some ruffles at the bottom of another one.

The halter one below is going to be sent to my sister.

Each one I've made so far is different, but all are still totally cute! What I like about these items is that I can get really zany and colorful with the fabric choices, unlike garment making, where my fabric choices tend to be MUCH more subtle.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

International Yarn Bombing Day

Here's a bit of what was done in San Antonio this past Saturday for international yarn bombing day. This first pic was done by the Yarn Dawgs... it looks straight out of Dr. Seuss! All projects shown below were installed at the Pearl Brewery.

The rest are what my projects looked like during daylight hours.

All of my yarn bombing was done the night before IYD, so this is what it looked like as I was installing the projects.

You can barely tell, but the next two pictures are of my knit Texas state flag hanging over the Riverwalk. You can get a better idea of what the flag looks like from the last photo.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

New Website with BigCartel

In my long search of trying to find an easy to use and attractive looking website, I think I have finally come to my end!!!

I decided to go with BigCartel and for now the site is, but I'm hoping to switch the domain to the name I've already got, in the coming days.

I really like the customization features on this, and the fact that it's a site INTENDED on selling products, which means that I can start adding items for sale right from the get go! You can also sync up your blog and original domain name to the site. There are also ways to add Facebook "like" buttons. All in all, I really like the look and navigation so far. Pricing for their hosting is pretty competitive ranging from FREE to $30 per month... that's it!

Take a look at to tell me what you think!