Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The life of a soon to be wife

Right now I am in the dead heat of wedding planning. The big day is less than two months away, and there are still quite a few details that need to be dealt with. Ultimately, if it were up to me, none of this would be going on, but never the less, I'm doing it for the love of my family who would love nothing more than to see this day happen. sigh.

Being the DIY person that I am, this wedding at least gives me the opportunity to be creative with all of those little details. Over the next few nights, I will be converting my strapless dress into a floral one shoulder gown.

Another thing I did was this past weekend for my bridal shower (which was a lot of fun). I needed something cute and comfortable, so I ended up making my dress. Here is what the dress looked like:

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