Thursday, August 19, 2010

More Like, "Knit and Crochet" YESTERDAY!

I love PBS's Create channel! Every so often though you do get the show that seems to be a bit out of touch with the times and perpetuates the notion that only old retirees watch PBS (no offense to PBS or retirees). The other day, I was watching the PBS show, Knit and Crochet Today. Let me tell you, this show is pretty dreary. There is very little that seems modern about this show, even though it's currently filming. I would give it some slack if it were an old PBS show in reruns, but it's not.

Now I'm not saying that they need to go off the deep end and have a Lisa Loeb looking host with the closing credits rolling over the performance of some obscure indie band, but come on! I would like to see something more than a variation on granny squares or pillow covers.

I think it would be nice however to see the last segment of the show devoted to some knitting project outside the box. Sure, the blue-hairs may scoff, but seriously, if you're going to include the name "TODAY" in your show title, then at least feature things that are a little bit popular... TODAY! Here are some things that I think are pretty up to date among today's knitters.

Check out those needles... now that's what I'm talking about.

Geeks are pretty technical beings. Knitting is a pretty technical hobby. Geeks and knitting were bound to come together!

This tattoo is a little extreme for my taste, but 'A' for effort on the enthusiasm of knitting

what can I say, these slippers are just too cute!

I LOVE knit softies!

Now, I love knitting! And I consider myself to be a pretty contemporary knitter. Never once have I made a quilt, granny square, afghan, or pot holder. I'm not saying that all of the techniques are useless... the embroidery segments are pretty useful, what I am saying is that the show is just really out of touch. I know a lot of like minded knitters, such as myself, that would like to see a shift from the notion that knitters are over the age of 60 and only knit pot holders.

Knitters TODAY are actually much more creative and would like to push the boundaries in terms of gauge, color, texture, and subject matter. There are more and more publications that have called out to this market such as the short lived Vogue Knitting magazine, Knit 1. Just go to the craft section at the bookstore and you'll see an array of books on punk rock knitting, knits for your guy, etc. All I'm saying is, come on, K&CT... get with the times!

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