Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Another Day of DIY

Ok, so you've made tons of cute knit hats ready for sale, but what do you tag them with? This was usually my dilemma when first venturing into selling my wares. Sure, many craft stores carry various styles of tags, but they all seem so sterile and boring.

Last night I figured a way to create 100% personalized DIY price tags that will set you apart from the others. This is what they look like...

Items you will need: Card stock, hole punch, tag paper punch, your computer and computer printer. If you don't have these items lying around, don't worry... luckily these items (sans the computer stuff) aren't too expensive. On a good sale week at the craft store, the supplies will run you about $25.

First, your logo. If you don't already have one, try to create an image that is simple, timeless and something that truly reflects you and your creative style. Avoid detailed images as the details will be lost if/when the images are forced into a small space such as these tags.

Create a type of wallpaper image using either Photoshop, Publisher, or even Word. I found that things work best if your logo is about 1 inch wide and sits at least 1 inch apart from the neighboring images. Using the 1x1x1 ratio made it pretty easy to fit at least 20 images on 1 sheet of card stock.

Now that this has been done, print this out on a test sheet of card stock as shown below. Get creative on your card stock too! You don't have to always use white.

Next, use a tag paper punch and simply punch out the tags with your logo at the center. Within minutes, you will have about 20 new tags. These paper punches can be found at any craft store within the scrapbook section. This particular paper punch is the exact one that I used and creates tags 1-1/4 in.X1-7/8in.
After you've created these tags, now you need to create a hole to attach these onto garments. Any hole punch will due, however I prefer to use the tiniest hole punch I can find, which is the 1/16 size hole punch.

See how small hole is!

I personally don't like using floss or string to attach the tags onto garments, but rather prefer to use safety pins.

I find that the smaller hole makes the tag look a bit more polished and less bulky and awkward. Now that you've got a mini arsenal of tags, start pricing and get your name out there!

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