Saturday, May 28, 2011

Ocean Treasures

Today was my first full day back in San Antonio. I spent the past week on a belated honeymoon in the Virgin Islands. The trip was a blast! We visited Tortola and St. Thomas but spent most of our time in St. John, which by far, was the prettiest of all the islands. Matt and I tried out all kinds of water activities for the first time. While snorkeling, we of course found plenty of sea shells, but we were really surprised to find quite a bit of sea glass while in St. Thomas. Below are a few pictures of the treasures I found...

Here are some of the larger pieces we found.

I'll probably use the smaller pieces in fine silver settings.

Here are some of the cool shells I found in Lindberg Bay.

This shell is by far my favorite.

I'm going to try and create some new jewelry items with these treasures I found at the beach.

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