Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Front Page!

After a night drinking and meeting up with some old friends this past Saturday night, I was curious to see as to how I would feel the next morning. I'm not the younger version of myself that was able to stay out all hours drinking and then feel fine the next morning. I'm getting older!

I was surprised to wake up felling fine and refreshed, so I headed straight for the computer. Checking my online stats first thing in the morning has become somewhat of routine for me. In fact, I've become a bit addicted to checking my Etsy traffic, blog traffic, etc, ever chance I get. Sometimes it's a waste of time, sometimes it isn't... the morning after going out for instance.

Sunday morning I noticed a HUGE spike in views on my Etsy Page. Turns out, I was Feautred on the Front Page! This is my 5th front page appearance in the past year. The great collection was created by Etsy seller, Glistenbyerin, and my Ode to Geekery - Lightning Bolt Necklace is featured at the bottom.

Her collection was inspired by stormy skies, which is a wonderfully sublime natural phenomenon, so I figured I would continue with that theme today.

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