Thursday, April 14, 2011

Say What?!?

Today was a fairly busy day. I had do get my passport info finalized in order to go to the USVI next month, do some antique shopping for vintage sewing notions, and meet up with my friend Sarah to deliver her custom made graduation stole, and then finally go back to the shop to work on some more items. In the middle of all that I got an email from my friend, Tara, letting me know that I was named 2nd best local designer in San Antonio by the SA Current! Crazy!

Once I had a chance, I went over to the Filling Station to pick up an issue of this weeks Current, and sure enough, there I was, on page 50, listed underneath #1 SA designer, Angelina Mata, and just to the right of the #2. It simply said, Brandy Ann Garcia. I was really surprised by it. If you're in San Antonio, make sure you pick up an issue of the Current to check out all of the other best things in the city.


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