Friday, April 29, 2011

Such a Place Exists?!?

So now we all know that the House of Alexander McQueen was behind Kate Middleton's awesome dress, however as I was reading about the rest of her wedding day style, I come to find out that her veil was made of silk tulle with hand embroidered flowers along the entire edge of the veil. The embroidery was done by the Royal School of Needlework. Until this afternoon, I had no idea of such a place, and to be quite honest, it is my new goal in life to study there. At the school, they teach the old art form of hand embroidery. HOW AMAZING IS THAT! The students and faculty there have created some pretty awesome pieces:

Catherine's one of a kind veil.

An embroidered portraiture on a chair.

An amazing embroidered couture clutch.

As I was on the school's website earlier, I was reminded of the book, Gathering Blue; the story about a girl who is suddenly revered because of her ability to embroider and create a visual of her village's history.

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  1. I thought her dress was rather plain but I did like her veil.